1. Costs – No Contractual or Advanced Fees

  • There are NO membership or subscription fees to access our online databases
  • You ONLY pay a pre-agreed price for reports purchased
  • We provide freshly investigated up to date reports on all companies and businesses in Vanuatu.

2. Vanuatu Delivery Times

We provide freshly investigated business reports which are emailed via delivery options below:
1. Flash delivery : 2 Working Days
2. Express delivery : 3 Working Days
3. Normal delivery : 5 Working Days


3. What’s included in the report?

  • Ownership & Management
  • Financial Details
  • Default Information
  • Credit Scoring & Rating
  • Automatically delivered in English

4. Where is data sourced?

All information and data is sourced by our local experienced dedicated team which is updated on our databases constantly on a daily basis. We cover all 4 Administrative districts in Vanuatu.

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Vanuatu Business Credit Report Services


Creditreform operates a global specialist International Business credit report service. We have local offices and fully approved international risk analysis experts in every country worldwide. This enables us to provide expert up-to-date business credit report information on businesses anywhere in the world.

Main reasons why our business credit reports are so important they enable clients to trade with confidence.

The local International Business Credit Report Partners are able to:

  1. Assess local businesses trading activities.
  2. Update information immediately if there are any changes.
  3. Give accurate feedback based on the local economies.
  4. Communicate effectively with businesses as they share the same time zones.


Herewith details of our business credit reporting service in Vanuatu:

Location of Vanuatu Business Credit Reporting office?

Port Vila, Vanuatu

Number of Vanuatu Business Credit Reporting staff?

3-5 staff

How long have you been operating a Vanuatu business credit reporting service?

Over 5 years

What type of business credit reports do you provide in Vanuatu:

Corporate business credit reports online and offline – Only offline reports

Non limited business credit reports online and offline – Offline reports only

Bespoke investigated business credit reports – Yes

What are the business credit report delivery times in Vanuatu?

  1. Instant Online business credit report – No
  2. Flash business credit report – 4  Working Days
  3. Express business credit report – 5-7 Working Days
  4. Normal business credit report – 7-10 Working Days


How many company registries are there in Vanuatu for businesses (i.e. UK has just 1 central registry)?

Companies House, PMB 9023, Rue Bougainville, Port Vila, Vanuatu

Vanuatu Economy:

Currency: Vatu

GDP Ranking: 185th

Population: ca 275,000

Vanuatu 4 main industries:  Agriculture, offshore financial services, cattle, and tourism.

Main Trading Partners of Vanuatu:

Export partners: Thailand 57.3%, Japan 21.8%.

Import Partners: China 26.7%, Singapore 21.2%, Australia 13.6%, New Zealand 7.2%, Fiji 6.7%,

Do business credit reports contain negative information:

Yes, the reports include negative information

Do you provide consumer credit reports in Vanuatu?

Available Upon Request

Specialist Debt Recovery Service Vanuatu No Win No Fee

There are many unique requirements to international debt collection services in all countries including Vanuatu debt collection services which differ from the UK debt collection agency services and therefore it is very important that cases are handled directly by our expert Vanuatu debt collection agency and not from debt collectors UK. This method of Vanuatu debt collection sets Creditreform aside from the competition who in many cases will operate an international debt collection service from a UK debt collector only. Using the local Vanuatu debt collection agency enables us to achieve a far greater success rate and our No Win No Fee service together with competitive commission rates against monies recovered only ensures you get the best service.

Vanuatu Tracing No Find No Fee Tracing Service

Creditreform’s debt collection company service also uses expert international tracing agents including Vanuatu tracing agent services to locate any absconded debtor. This tracing service is provided on a No Find No Fee basis only charging for a successful trace.

Specialist Business Credit Report Experts

There are many unique requirements to providing international business credit reports in all countries including Vanuatu business credit reporting services which differ from Credit Reports UK services. Therefore it is very important that information is obtained directly by our expert international local business credit reporting partners and not from the Credit Report UK services. Our multi lingual local partners are able to provide all business credit reports in English including the bespoke investigated business credit reports.

Vanuatu Company Registry Search

Vanuatu Company Registry Name:

Vanuatu Financial Services Commission

Vanuatu Company Registry Addresses:

  1. Port Villa (Main Office):
    Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, Companies House, PMB 9023, Rue Bougainville, Port Vila, Vanuatu
  2. Santo Office:
    Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, Millenium Building, PMB05, Luganville Santo

Date Company Registry Established in Vanuatu:


Website of Vanuatu Company Register:


Language(s) of Vanuatu Company Registry:


Number of Company Registries in Vanuatu:

1 company register in Vanuatu

Can you search companies online for free in Vanuatu?


Regulations of Vanuatu Company Register:

  • Vanuatu Companies Act of 1986
  • Vanuatu International Business Companies Act of 1992
  • Vanuatu Financial Services Commission Act of 1993

What information can I view for free at Vanuatu Company Registry:

  • Vanuatu Company Name
  • Vanuatu Company Number
  • Vanuatu Date of Incorporation
  • Vanuatu Entity Status (Registered / Inactive)
  • Vanuatu Entity Type
  • Vanuatu Business Activity
  • Vanuatu Annual Return Filing Month
  • Vanuatu Annual Return Last Filed Date
  • Vanuatu Registered Office Address (includes email)
  • Vanuatu Directors (Name, Residential Address, Nationality, Date Appointed)
  • Vanuatu Shareholders (Name, Residential Address, Nationality, Date Appointed)
  • Vanuatu Number of Shares

Do you need to register / sign up at the Vanuatu Company Registry?


Number of Registered Companies in Vanuatu:

Over 5,147 companies registered in Vanuatu

How to Register / Incorporate a company in Vanuatu?

Types of Companies in Vanuatu:

  • Vanuatu ‘Local’ Limited Company
  • Vanuatu Exempted Company
  • Vanuatu International Company
  • Vanuatu Overseas Company
  • Vanuatu General Partnership
  • Vanuatu Limited Partnership
  • Vanuatu Trusts

Vanuatu Company Documents Available:

  • Vanuatu Certificate of Incorporation
  • Vanuatu Certificate of Good Standing
  • Vanuatu Company Constitution – company’s charter.

Other Vanuatu Company Registry Services:

  • Vanuatu Financial Dealers License
  • Vanuatu Business Name Renewal
  • Vanuatu Company Annual Return
  • Vanuatu Association Annual Report
“We are pleased with the friendly and efficient service of Adrian Harding and staff at Creditreform in collecting outstanding overdue debts on our behalf. Some accounts, especially those located overseas have been difficult customers but we are pleased with the high rate of success. We also appreciate that they keep us informed and constantly updated on the progress of the collection”
Bryan de Beer, Phoenix Fragrances
“Within 48hrs of Creditreform being involved a resolution was agreed and within the week paid in full. The professionalism of the Creditreform team was second to none and I would and indeed do recommend them to colleagues in a similar difficult position This situation was the first time we have had to employ a company for debt recovery and it was good to feel that you have someone else ‘on your side’.”
Dean Lake, Lake Contracts
“We have been using Credit Reform for a number of years now and we have always been dealt with in a professional and friendly way. Over time, Creditreform have managed to achieve good results for us. Would definitely recommend.”
Anna Zhakrova, Catering Hygiene Specialists Ltd
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Russell Hardwick, MSC Industrial