Latin America & Caribbean Business Credit Reports

Creditreform has over 100 years experience in credit management providing top quality international business reports to over 245,000 clients. Our databases contain over 88,000,000 international business credit reports instantly available. This service enables you to make informed decisions about the companies you want to trade with globally. Pre-checking your potential clients prevents you from being scammed by fraudulent companies.  The international business credit reports will easily identify if there are any issues with the delivery addresses, contact numbers and names supplied by the client.

All Latin America & Caribbean business credit reports are freshly investigated by experienced fully approved partners in all countries. All debt collection letters and communications are undertaken in the local languages. There are limitations to what data is available from individual countries but rest assured our reports will contain all of the most up to date information available.

Creditreform country offices and local partners are specialists in Latin America & Caribbean business credit reports in their respective countries. There are 33 countries in Latin America & Caribbean. Brazil is the largest country in Latin America. It stretches out to cover an area of 8,515,767 square kilometres and has a population of over 205 million people.

Latin America & Caribbean covers over 20 million km2and has a population in excess of 640 million people. Latin America is one of the most linguistically diverse areas in the world with 37 language families, 448 languages of which over 70 are unclassified. Indigenous languages are used throughout the entire continent. There are over 35 currencies currently in official use in Latin America and Caribbean. All Latin America & Caribbean business credit reports are delivered in English language.

Quality Latin America & Caribbean Business Credit Reports

Latin America & Caribbean business credit reports on all companies throughout the continent are freshly investigated and bespoke to the clients requirements. All Latin America & Caribbean business credit report data is obtained and analysed by our dedicated and experienced investigation team who interview the enquired companies and obtain data from the media and other local sources every day. This data together with the registered public information and trade payment records is then uploaded into our reports to formulate an accurate credit risk score. This ensures as a Creditreform client you can trade with confidence.

No Contractual Requirements for Business Credit Reports

Here at Creditreform UK, for business credit reports UK and business credit reports international we do not requirement any membership, subscription or contractual commitment to obtain Latin America & Caribbean business credit reports. This also applies to our International business credit reports globally.

Naturally, if clients do require an annual contract for their own purposes we will provide this service. However, our Latin America & Caribbean business credit reports and business credit reports UK can be purchased on a pay as you use basis so you are only invoiced for the Latin America & Caribbean business credit reports taken. You will have free access to our systems and can order reports via the website or by email with no limit to the number of users you want to use this service.

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Offline Latin America & Caribbean Business Credit Reports

We provide freshly investigated Latin America & Caribbean business credit reports on all active companies across Latin America & Caribbean. The assessment of creditworthiness and credit risk is based on a rating system, which has been developed specifically for the credit and receivables management: the Creditreform Solvency Index. It allows you to get a fast and reliable risk assessment and will make your business decisions easy.

Creditreform Credit Risk Score

Creditreform and its partners use a number of key statistical data and scoring methods to ensure the Latin America & Caribbean credit business reports provide an accurate assessment of the company on which the report has been obtained.

Latin America & Caribbean Business Credit Report Pricing Structures

Naturally the costs to obtain information differs from country to country. Here at Creditreform we always endeavour to provide the most competitive prices for the best quality Latin America & Caribbean business credit reports. We will structure a pricing schedule to meet your individual requirements.

Latin America & Caribbean Business Credit Report Delivery Times

Bespoke offline Latin America & Caribbean business reports have three delivery times:

Flash Service Business Credit Report: 3 working days

Express Service Business Credit Report: 5 working days

Normal Service Business Credit Report: 7-10 working days

Latin America & Caribbean Debt Collection Services

With their long-standing experience, our international debt collection and Latin America & Caribbean debt collection agency experts will do a thorough analysis of the financial situation of the debtor and all efforts will be made for a rapid collection of your outstanding claim. All initial debt collection letters are sent from the local state head office. It is proven that monthly installment plans as well as amicable settlements are effective. In order for this to happen local personal communication with the debtors is essential.

Latin America & Caribbean Tracing Service

Our specialist Latin America & Caribbean and International tracing partners are experts in locating absconded debtors throughout the continent. They also specialize in locating relatives, beneficiaries and other individuals who have moved to Latin America & Caribbean without leaving a forwarding address.

“We are pleased with the friendly and efficient service of Adrian Harding and staff at Creditreform in collecting outstanding overdue debts on our behalf. Some accounts, especially those located overseas have been difficult customers but we are pleased with the high rate of success. We also appreciate that they keep us informed and constantly updated on the progress of the collection”
Bryan de Beer, Phoenix Fragrances
“Within 48hrs of Creditreform being involved a resolution was agreed and within the week paid in full. The professionalism of the Creditreform team was second to none and I would and indeed do recommend them to colleagues in a similar difficult position This situation was the first time we have had to employ a company for debt recovery and it was good to feel that you have someone else ‘on your side’.”
Dean Lake, Lake Contracts
“We have been using Credit Reform for a number of years now and we have always been dealt with in a professional and friendly way. Over time, Creditreform have managed to achieve good results for us. Would definitely recommend.”
Anna Zhakrova, Catering Hygiene Specialists Ltd
“I have worked with Creditreform for many years and always received a first class service. Keep up the good work”
Russell Hardwick, MSC Industrial