Business Debt Collection

Creditreform is a specialist business to business debt collection agency. With over 100 years experience and offices across Europe, Turkey and China together with fully approved partners in every other country we are able to provide an extensive commercial debt collection service worldwide. Here in the UK we are a Birmingham debt collection agency providing debt recovery services on a No Win No Fee basis charging an agreed commission against monies recovered only. We also add  these fees together with late Payment interest for you so will endeavour to recover everything from the debtor. Our aim is to recover as much money back from the debtor as possible to ensure your costs are kept to a minimum. We have been operating our Birmingham debt collection company since 1964.

All Commercial debt collection services irrelevant of size and age of debts will be provided on a No Win No Fee basis. All new cases received undergo a pre collection check to ensure the debtor is still active and trading before processing for collection. We will assess every business debt case individually to ensure you are receiving the best possible advice at all times. The debtor’s situation is constantly monitored throughout the collection process so that any changes are quickly identified and the necessary actions can be immediately taken. For example if a court judgment is filed during the collection process it will change the way we continue to handle the case and will advise the client accordingly.

An experienced dedicated account manager will be assigned to handle your commercial debt collection cases and keep you informed of the progress with regular communications by email and telephone. If you need to speak to your account manager at anytime he or she will be at the end of the telephone to take your call and answer any questions you may have. We have the full support and backing from a team of legal and technical experts to ensure you receive the best debt collection services and advice available.

If on the rare occasion we are unable to effect a successful amicable debt collection service we have an in house solicitor partner who will explain clearly the processes, costs and potential of pursuing your business debt collection case through the courts. However, please be assured that no legal actions or costs to you will be undertaken without your pre-instructions being given first. Our aim is to explain clearly and transparently what the costs will be by continuing your business debt case through the court procedures whether defended or undefended.

If a case is defended we will also provide full advice as to how to proceed and in such circumstances what the potential costs to you will be. Also we will advise the viability to continue with a defended action. This is to ensure you fully understand what costs and charges you will have to incur initially and how much you will recover in the event of a disputed claim.

Creditreform prides itself on its professionalism, experience and competitive charges to effect a highly successful commercial debt collection service to meet its clients’ specific and in many cases unique requirements. This has led to Millions of pounds worth of outstanding debt cases being passed to us annually resulting in billions of pounds being successful recovered for our clients over the years.

As a Birmingham based debt collection company we are ideally located to services all our UK clients. Also as a UK based debt collection agency we speak the international language to liaise with all our global clients. However, with offices in all countries we are able to provide services in the local languages.

We can provide case studies and testimonials from our long standing clients and new ones alike.  From large corporate clients to one person trading businesses your debt cases are equally important to us and will receive the same dedication no matter what size or age they are.