Debt Collection UK

Creditreform is a market leader in debt collection with a strong global presence worldwide. As a group we have provided debt collection service for over 100 years with offices throughout Europe and fully approved business debt collection partners worldwide.

Here in the UK we have operated as a Birmingham commercial debt collection company since 1964 and are ideally located to service all our UK clients anywhere in the country. We have built up strong and long standing relationships with all our clients. As we operate on a NO Win No Fee basis it is important that we act quickly and effectively to achieve a speedy successful UK debt collection. Our UK debt collection team have many years experience in debt recovery. As younger staff join our company they are fully trained and supported by our expert experienced account managers so they will become the experience of the future.

There is no magic wand to recover clients unpaid invoices and debts it is all down to experience, hard work and a long standing knowledge of what is needed to resolve UK debt recovery issues. Naturally we represent our clients but we also need to understand the debtors so that we are able to produce a speedy successful and amicable resolution.

There are many reasons why a UK debt collection case has not been paid which includes the following:

  1. Debtor has insufficient funds
  2. The debt is in dispute
  3. The debtor has moved and client cannot locate new address
  4. The debtor is just avoiding payment for as long as possible.

What ever the reason for non payment of the debt we will identify this as quickly as possible to ensure an effective resolution will be identified straightaway. Our Birmingham debt collection team can then move swiftly to recover monies due without the client incurring unnecessary costs.

A dedicated account manager is allocated to every client and will represent them for all their overdue debt collection cases. This enables the account manager to understand how the client works and build a long standing business relationship with them. They will keep the client constantly upto date with the case in hand and ensure that any issues are addressed immediately.

The aim of Creditreform UK and our international offices is to provide a successful debt recovery service without the need for legal actions as these should only be taken as a very last method of collection.

However, sometimes, the only way forward is through the court system and when this is required Creditreform UK has an in house legal department to initial legal actions for client’s cases to minimise the costs and avoid unnecessary high solicitors fees. We also have been partnering for over 30 years a specialist Sheriff firm who understand how we operate and often go way beyond to ensure our clients recover their  money.

In the event that a legal actions is being defended we have expert specialist solicitors form our partners Spencer Shaw who will be able to assist and advise every step of the way to minimise costs and explain exactly what the client can expect to happen through this process.