Credit Reports

Creditreform is a market leader selling in excess of 30 million reports per annum in Europe alone.

With local offices and partners in every country, we provide the most up to date information available

Instant online reports are available in 29 European countries with offline / freshly investigated bespoke reports for all other countries worldwide.

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Credit Reports

Why Creditreform

Global Presence

We have 175 offices operating in 21 European countries plus Turkey & China with a network of fully approved partners in all other countries worldwide.


Our reports are approved by all major credit insurers and used by the leading financial institutions.

Customer Service

Here in UK we have an experienced team to provide the best customer service with designated account managers on call until 22:00 GMT 7 days a week.

Solvency Index

The Creditreform Solvency Index uses a diversified range of information and key data to reach a specified unique number ranging from 100-600. With 100 representing an excellent credit standing, to 600 indicating hard negative.

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How Does it Work?

  • Receive the name and address of the debtor
  • Pre-check debtor’s situation before handling the case
  • Agree Commission Rate (Success Only)
  • Process debt after receiving supporting documentation
  • Provide regular updates
  • Invoice only against monies recovered


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    Creditreform is a global debt collection agency with a network of its own Creditreform country offices, partners and specialised solicitors who always handle your debts locally.

    A foreign language is often the first obstacle when doing business internationally. Further factors are differences in legal systems and geographic distance. Therefore when a foreign customer does not pay, your options soon become exhausted. Only through a reliable international debt collection agency will you be able to cover a debt that was perhaps already written off. This is where Creditreform prevails providing professional support with a global debt collection service for those overseas debt collection needs which means our intervention becomes a payment.

    You are always in good hands with Creditreform. Our debt collection services are bespoke and individually tailored to your needs. Our staff possess the necessary expertise and skill sets which are vital in dealings global debt recovery requirements.

    A further advantage of our international debt recovery services is the speed at which we can complete proceedings. The information from our financial databases helps us act immediately.

    We work with a worldwide network of Creditreform offices, partner companies, lawyers and solicitors, who are specialists in overseas debt recovery in their own countries and who are familiar with the local ways of thinking and doing business.

    With this local presence, Creditreform is able to reduce the risk of vulnerable outstanding international debts. Only by having a local presence may obstacles such as differences in languages, geographical distance and foreign legal systems be overcome.

    Creditreform carries out all global debt collection services in the country of the debtor.

    The contact with the debtor will be held in their national language.

    By handling the overseas debt collections services locally and the „psychological advantage“ of being near to the debtor we achieve a high success rate of out of court solutions which avoids the often unnecessary costs of a court actions.

    The sooner you instruct us, the higher the chance for success for an international debt recovery solution

    We offer high quality global debt collection services to secure your business all around the globe!

    With Creditreform you increase your chances of recovering outstanding international debts even across borders!

    With our international debt collection service you will also benefit from our decentralised structure. The recovery of your foreign debts is always carried out by local experts who know the language, business mentality and legal particularities of the respective country.