• Do I need to use a Debt Collection partner?

Creditreform has been recovering international debts for over 100 years resulting in billions of pounds being successfully recovered. With more and more international students attending our universities, colleges and private schools the need to recovery student debts is growing year on year. Here in the UK we have a specialist student debt collection service assisting universities, colleges and private schools in recovering unpaid tuition fees, loans, accommodation and other debts accrued whilst in education here.

  • Why Creditreform?

Many of our competitors will only endeavour to recover international student debts directly  from their office in the UK. Here at Creditreform, we have a global network of offices and approved partners in every country so the collection of debts are dealt with locally by experts who are in the same time zone and know the language, laws and the most efficient and effective ways to successfully recover monies owed.

  • No Win No Fee

All our international debt collection services are provided on a NO Win No Fee basis charging an agreed commission against monies recovered only. We also endeavour to recover these fees from the debtor wherever possible. Therefore if we do not recover you DO NOT pay anything

  • Local Knowledge

Due to the language difficulties and specific legal requirements it can be a nightmare just locating students and their families once they have returned home. Creditreform works closely with our clients to improve their registration systems to ensure they have the correct information initially so that in the event of a debt arising we are fully armed and prepared to locate and identify the debtor so the collection of the monies is greatly improved.

  • China

One example of this issue is in China where the language is completely different so the Chinese Students have to register an English version of their name and details which can be very loosely translated thus making it almost impossible to locate and identify the student when they return home. However, just by taking a few additional details upon registration our Chinese office will be able to identify, locate, contact and recover the monies due without having to try and translate the English version of details on record.

  • Designated Account Manager

Although we have a global network of offices and partners the clients only have a single point of contact here in the UK who will constantly keep them up to date with the progress of the debt collection cases. As there are huge time zone differences we need to operate longer hours. Our dedicated team work upto at least 10pm and often are still there after midnight to make sure the partners are able to contact us when they need to discuss an urgent case issue.

  • Student Tracing

We also provide a comprehensive international tracing service with agents worldwide so even with some basic details we can locate, identify and recover monies due from absconded students and debtors.

  • You are in safe hands!

Our aim is to make the collection of international Student Debts as easy and simple as possible without clients paying any up front costs or fees an spending and wasting hours of their valuable time.