Creditreform country offices and local partners are specialists in European debt recovery in their respective countries.

The “psychological advantage“ by being locally based to the debtor

Language skills, knowledge of the way of thinking and laws in the respective country

Out of court procedures have a customer-keeping effect – priority is given to the balancing of interests between creditor and debtor

Prevention of costs from unnecessary court proceedings

Cost level of legal actions is predictable, since costs are based on commission and not on an hourly basis

Long-standing experience, reliable and professional European debt collection experts

Near to debtor – local collection experts

Near to client – for you, only one point of contact for all countries

Focus on out of court settlements

Priority is always given to out of court recovery of your debts. Court hearings can be time-consuming and cost-intensive; and the actual outcome can often be disappointing. In addition, many legal systems are said to be inefficient and corrupt. These problems increase from north to south and from west to Eastern Europe. For that reason Creditreform European debt recovery services focus on amicable, out of court settlements.

This makes the competence in the local market all the more important. Our European debt collection experts contact your debtors by email, post, telephone or, if necessary, by even visiting them personally in order to find acceptable solutions for both sides.

With their long-standing experience our European debt recovery experts will do a thorough analysis of the financial situation of the debtor and all efforts will be made for a rapid collection of your outstanding claim. It is proven that the monthly instalments as well as amicable settlements are effective. For this to happen, personal communication with the debtors is essential.

Of course it is also possible to take legal action via Creditreform. Before initiating legal actions the costs will be calculated and before starting any legal proceedings we will obtain the creditors explicit approval.

If you have so called “black sheep” among your clients, locally operating experts within our European debt collection network will make collecting your claims a priority.

Please bear in mind that the sooner you let us handle your debts, the higher the chances for fast incoming payments.