1. Costs – No Contractual or Advanced Fees

  • There are NO membership or subscription fees to access our online databases
  • You ONLY pay a pre-agreed price for reports purchased
  • There are nearly 1.1 million Spanish business credit reports available via our online databases

2. Instant Spain Reports

  • All reports are INSTANTLY available via our online databases
  • Alternatively, we can provide freshly investigated business reports which are emailed via delivery options below:
  1. Flash delivery : 1-2 working days
  2. Express delivery : 3-4 working days
  3. Normal delivery : 5-6 working days


3. What’s included in the report?

  • Ownership & Management
  • Financial Details
  • Default Information
  • Credit Scoring & Rating
  • Automatically delivered in English with reports also available in Spanish & German

4. Where is data sourced?

All information and data is sourced by our local experienced dedicated team which is updated on our databases constantly on a daily basis. We cover all 17 provinces in Spain.

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Spain Business Credit Report Services

Creditreform operates a global specialist International Business credit report service. We have local offices and fully approved expert international Risk analysis experts in every country worldwide. This enables us to provide expert upto date business credit report information on businesses anywhere in the world.

Main reasons why our business credit reports are so important they enable clients to trade with confidence.

The local International Business Credit Report Partners are able to:


  1. Assess local businesses trading activities
  2. update information immediately there are any changes
  3. Know and understand the local economies
  4. Are in the same time zones


Herewith details of our company credit reporting service Spain

Location of company credit check service office(s) in Spain


Number of business credit reporting staff

More than 150 employees.

How long been operating a company credit check service in Spain

Since 1996.

How many registered companies are there in Spain?

o             Mercantile Companies: About 1,1 Millions

o             Non Mercantile Companies:  About 630.000

o             Self Employed: About 1.850.000

How many company registries in Spain for businesses? (i.e. UK just has 1 central registry)

Just one. The Spanish Central Mercantile Register.

What are the most common type of companies in Spain? (i.e. in UK we have Private Limited / Public Limited / Sole Proprietors / Partnerships)

             Mercantile Companies (i.e. Limited Liability Company or Public Limited)

             Non-mercantile companies (i.e. Partnership or Co-ownership)

             Sole proprietors

What type of company credit reports do you provide, i.e. Database / Investigated

We offer a wide range of financial, commercial and risk management company credit reports, exhaustively detailing all relevant information on all companies and self-employed workers in Spain.

They include an exhaustive analysis based on commercial and economic-financial information, corporate links, legal incidents, bankruptcy proceedings, and other information from public and private sources that enable a risk assessment with high predictive value to be assigned.

Our National Reports are characterized by the breadth, variety and depth of the treatment of the sources, which results in “exclusive content” of high value,

We have the largest Database of Judicial Incidents, Trademarks, Delegations, Links (Official and Instrumental) in the Market.

Thanks to the incorporation of technology and constant innovation in our production processes, as well as the control and monitoring of information quality indicators, we continuously improve the quality of our services, which are perceived by our clients as having a “high” or “very high” degree of satisfaction in more than 95% of them.

Company credit check reports (360º Report, Financial Report, Business Company Credit Report, etc.) include all the relevant information on a company, enabling a detailed study of the company and its environment for making decisions on granting or refusing commercial credit:

They supply detailed information on the company, including an economic-financial and commercial analysis, history of non-compliance (ASNEF Empresas – provided by Equifax), RAI, Legal Incidents), as well as an analysis of the risk of its main related entities.

They include a complete risk analysis and detailed information on the evolution of legal incidents, updated daily, associated with the company and its credit rating. – Detailed Score and Probability of Default, allows for the development of admission policies based on the level of risk to be assumed at any given time.

Company Credit Check Commercial Research Reports

– Commercial research, through which a current and accurate “picture” of the current situation of the company under analysis is obtained.

– It is carried out through direct contact with the company under investigation, which allows inquiries to be made on issues that are particularly relevant to our clients (i.e.:confirmation of specific data on companies or search for specific data on them).

– It is especially indicated in new operations or credit extensions of existing clients, in which it is convenient to have fast, reliable and contrasted information about the situation of the company with which the commercial relationship is going to be established.

Marketing Services

In Spain we provide a differential vision by analysing and providing valuable information to achieve the most effective marketing actions for customers. We offer tools and services that meet the most advanced needs of Geomarketing, as well as products that enrich our client’s own information.

  • Tactical products: Supply of databases and indicators that enable precise capture actions and allow a more complete knowledge of our clients’ current consumers.
  • Strategic tools: Creation of georeferencing tools that locate significant market
  • MKT Integral Services: Development of services that generate the best integral marketing strategies, counting on geographical area, location of competition, own and potential customers.

Delivery Times for Investigated company credit reports in Spain

We offer three types of urgency company credit check reports to adapt to your information needs at all times.

– Standard: 5-7 working days

– Express Service 3-5 hours

– Flash Service 12-48 hours

What additional information can be obtained in an investigated business company credit report compared to a database report?

Trade name

Number of employees

Additional information activity

Additional information on addresses




Future perspectives of the Company

“Situation of the sector

Estimated balance

Board of Directors

“Banks and cash registers

Customers and suppliers

Links Partners and Participants

“Payment behavior

(Inexperienced, Non-compliant, Irregular, Punctual, Currently Compliant, Delayed, and Currently Non-Compliant)”

Links (rest)

Registered office regime (Rent, property..)

Person interviewed

Special question answer


Information Available in Spain?

What information is compulsory to be filed in Spain (i.e. Financials / Shareholders / Share Capital / Directors / Management?)

  • Financials: Annual Accounts are compulsory to be filed in Spain by Mercantile Companies
  • Share Capital: The initial capital stock and the changes in share capital are compulsory to be filed.
  • Shareholders: This information is compulsory to be filed in the company formation or constitution. Then, companies can also indicate this information (optionally) in the notes to the annual accounts.
  • Social Bodies: It is compulsory to indicate any change in the
  • Functional Managers: It is not compulsory, but entities can include this information in the notes to the annual accounts

Do company credit reports contain negative information? (for example, bankruptcies, court judgments, insolvency details, negative payment history, etc)

Yes. Our reports contain detailed information on the evolution of judicial incidents, daily updated.

Are financials required to be filed in Spain?

The presentation of annual accounts is an obligation for the Mercantile Companies (not for the Non-Mercantile Companies or Sole Proprietors)

If yes, how often are financials required to be filed by Spain?


What are the penalties if a company fails to file their financials on time?

The consequences of not presenting the annual accounts could be:

o             Poor image of the company, due to a lack of transparency towards the company

o             Economic sanctions against the administrators of the company. In these cases the sanctions for the administrators can be corporate, against their own assets, or even force the company to file for bankruptcy

Do you provide a monitoring service in Spain?

Sure, we provide Monitoring Alert System, daily updated, which notifies the event and describes the change occurred, with the possibility to have the online report of the entity, updated at no additional cost.

This monitoring service can be provided through:

  1. Monitoriza®:which is an integral credit risk management system that allows to control the entire risk cycle in real-time, nationally and internationally, providing the most updated information and axesor’s expertise, that will help you make the best decisions in your commercial operations.

The monitoring service in monitoriza provides:

  • Global and updated vision of the risk situation for national companies and in most European countries
  • Configuring an alerts system that informs you about significant changes in any of the companies in the portfolio
  • Visual segmentation with dashboards for optimal management of companies and alerts to access to relevant information at all times
  • Allowing to add your own information into the system
  1. investiga®, the only system that includes all the necessary information and tools for commercial research and prevention of the money laundering.
  2. By developing an integrated service (webservice)

If yes, what information can be monitored for each company?

The main information which can be monitored includes any change in:

  • Mercantile Information (changes on addresses, changes on share capital, Appointments/resignations…)
  • Scoring: (increase or decrease in the scoring level…)
  • Judicial Incidences (new insolvency proceedings, Agreements/Citations/Notifications/Executives, Garnishments/Auctions/Sentencing)
  • Financial Information (new balance sheet available…)
  • Non – payment information (Defaults registered…)
  • Links (Registration of New Shareholders, Removal of current shareholders, Variation Percentage Participation…)
  • Awards, Tenders and Grants (Public Tenders and Auctions Awarded…)
  • News or other information

Do you provide Consumer / Private Person reports?

No. Just Sole Proprietors Reports.


Debt Recovery Service Spain No Win No Fee

There are many unique requirements to international debt collection services in all countries including Spain debt collection services which differ from the UK debt collection agency services and therefore it is very important that cases are handled directly by our expert Spain debt collection agency and not from debt collectors UK. This method of Spain debt collection sets Creditreform aside from the competition who in many cases will operate an international debt collection service from a UK debt collector only. Using the local Spain debt collection agency enables us to achieve a far greater success rate and our No Win No Fee service together with competitive commission rates against monies recovered only ensures you get the best service.

Spain No Find No Fee Tracing Service

Creditreform’s debt collection company service also uses expert international tracing agents including Spain tracing agent services to locate any absconded debtor. This tracing service is provided on a No Find No Fee basis only charging for a successful trace.

Specialist Company Credit Check Experts

There are many unique requirements to providing international business credit reports in all countries including Spain business credit reporting services which differ from Credit Reports UK services. Therefore it is very important that information is obtained directly by our expert international local business credit reporting partners and not from the Credit Report UK services. Our multi lingual local partners are able to provide all business credit reports in English including the bespoke investigated business credit reports.


“We are pleased with the friendly and efficient service of Adrian Harding and staff at Creditreform in collecting outstanding overdue debts on our behalf. Some accounts, especially those located overseas have been difficult customers but we are pleased with the high rate of success. We also appreciate that they keep us informed and constantly updated on the progress of the collection”
Bryan de Beer, Phoenix Fragrances
“Within 48hrs of Creditreform being involved a resolution was agreed and within the week paid in full. The professionalism of the Creditreform team was second to none and I would and indeed do recommend them to colleagues in a similar difficult position This situation was the first time we have had to employ a company for debt recovery and it was good to feel that you have someone else ‘on your side’.”
Dean Lake, Lake Contracts
“We have been using Credit Reform for a number of years now and we have always been dealt with in a professional and friendly way. Over time, Creditreform have managed to achieve good results for us. Would definitely recommend.”
Anna Zhakrova, Catering Hygiene Specialists Ltd
“I have worked with Creditreform for many years and always received a first class service. Keep up the good work”
Russell Hardwick, MSC Industrial