Location of office(s) in France:

Head office : 31 Boulevard Soult, 81200 MAZAMET

Office in Lyon : 2871 Avenue de l’Europe, 69141 RILLIEUX LA PAPE

Number of staff :


How have you long been operating in France :

More than 40 years

Type of debts you do? Do you do commercial and consumer?

B2C and B2B files

Statute of limitation in France :

in general 2 years for B2C files, and 5 years for B2B files but we have a lot of special limitations (for example the limitation for a B2B case for an international transport is only 15 months)

How EU laws effect debt collection in France?

EU laws have full effect in France regarding debt Collection

How many registries in France for businesses?

Trade Register for business registrations, and BODACC for other official publications

What is the process in France?

We do a mix of letters, e-mails, phone calls and amicable bailiff letter, with full respect of the GDPR law

Average length of time to collect?

45 days for amicable – 1 year or more for legal

Can fees / interest be added to claims?

For B2C cases, we can add only interests at the legal rate in France

For B2B cases, we can add interests, indemnity of 40e per unpaid invoice, and some damages.

However we cannot oblige a debtor to pay these amounts amicably, only a Court decision enable us to claim them officially.

Any brief details on legal service / process in France We offer the following legal services

Payment Injunction for non disputed files

Legal action by lawyer for disputed files, special files, or for files with high amounts

Enforcement of Court’s decisions

Lodgings : for debtors in bankruptcy / winding-up

We can provide the other following services

Credit report

Solvency report on individuals

Trace on individuals

Creditreform has had a long standing relationship with our French partner for debt

Collection services in France. They are well reputed and maintain a high level of customer

service and achieve an excellent success rate. It is also very important that our partners are

experts in the local laws and collection procedures across the country. All debt collection cases

are fully monitored and our clients are kept upto date with all developments and progress of each

case individually.

All communications are in English and any legal or local documents are fully translated from

French to English. As with all our international partners and offices our clients always receive a

first class debt recovery service. As previously stated cases handled are on a No Win No fee

basis so no upfront fees have to be paid and the agreed commissions are charged against

monies recovered only. Any legal actions or potential costs will not be undertaken without full

consent from the client.